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Send it fast, Send it smart

We are specialized in shipping services, of any kind of goods, advising and supporting you in hole the suplly chain.

We bring your goods safely to port destinations with our great sea fright services.

Road Freight Forwarding

Cargo are transported at some stage of their journey along the way roads where we give you a presence.

Ocean Freight Forwarding

Ocean Freight is the most vital role in our supply chain

Air Freight Forwarding



Package and store your things effectively and securely to make sure they are secure in our certified warehouse.

Door to Door Delivery

Our expertise in transport management and planning allows us to design a solution. hand over the parcel at your door.

Ground Transport

Ground transportation options for all visitors, no matter your needs, schedule or destination.

China-México Transport

Specialized in China-México frieght forwarding service.

Cargo Service

Delivering your merchandise from one place to another place to save your valuable time and money.

Packaging & Storage

Package and store your merchandise effectively and securely to make sure they are secure.

Fast worldwide delivery

We have the best solution delivering door to door
We supervise all the chain supply process, guaranteeing your merchandise arrives on time.

Safe and Secure Services

Our experience in importations guarantees secure deliveries.

24/7 customer support

We have a highly capable team of experts in Mexico and China so we can offer personalised support all the way.

The Complete Solution

Dedicated to facilitating the client's logistics process, advising at all the time. Conso Logistics is a company specialized in the importation of China-Mexico merchandise.

Our goal is achieve the customer expectations by providing an effective and reliable service throughout the import process.

Three Step processing

Receive From Shipper

Safe & Secure Shipment

Handover to Receiver